Design, faces, art. In one word: the beautiful. Maria Laura Matthey is a “beauty insider”, an artist surrounded by beauty as a profession and life-style in the family since her earliest years. She echoed this passion in the myriad faces, eyes. and lips which she would jot own using whatever means came to hand.

With the support of her family, who not only gave her a solid grounding in colour and form, but also encouraged her in her passion, Maria Laura Matthey was able to follow courses even as a teen-ager, trying out her newly-found knowledge on herself. It was make-up especially which drew the attention of the future make-up artist back in high school and she worked to highlight the features of her school mates, finding the specific beauty in the face of every man and woman, and working to draw it out.

Her passion for photography and contemporary art as a whole have led her to experiment with various forms of expression, settling in the end on photography, which  brings together her artistic and expressive ambition.

In the meantime, her professional success has brought her not only into contact with the cultural milieu of Naples, her native city, but also in Treviso, Rome, Milan, and London, where she works regularly, as well as New York, Vienna, Australia and Madrid.

In 1994, she attended the French “Carol Franck” school where she acted as her “own ginea-pig”, using her own face as subject-object of study, in the search for a relationship between sign and expression. She attended the Fashion Academy and then began her first “performances”,  event shows, where, through a conscious use of the “body”, she presented the person as a symbolic icon.

Her expressive research continued with the pastel and mixed-media workshop at the Art Student League in Manhattan, in New York, where she also took part in a collective at the Brooklyn “Lala Gallery”. In 2010, she met with great public success with her exhibition “Segni dal corpo” running in Campiglia Marittima in Tuscany and at the Pica Gallery, Naples.

In 2013, she held her first personal exhibition at the PAN di Napoli, where she presented her exhibition "Eyes to Eyes", which captured the attention of the critics on account of the two hundred shots on show.
In the same year, she made her London appearance at Debut Contemporary, where she participates each month in the gallery’s Private Views. This cycle got off to a great start after her "London Calling" project.
Also in London, Laura created a "Street Action" documented in a video where she is seen interacting with the people who would go on to become the protagonists of her works.

In December of the same year she returned to the U.S., to New York, and especially Miami, where she attended Art Basel gathering a huge amount of artistic material.
In the same month, she went to Africa on a journey to Kenya that made a deep impression on her, enriching her as a person and as an artist. 

In March 2014, Marialaura was invited to the Novikov Restaurant & Bar, one of the most famous restaurants in London, for an event dedicated to the Italian Carnival.
Her performance, "Eyes behind a mask" with Venetian masks, mirrors for the lights, and her ever-present camera, was an immediate hit, turning a night of celebration into an evening of absolute glamour and fashion.

Her track record of success continued with her presentation, again at the Debut Gallery, of works on canvas "Eyes behind a mask on canvas" and "Eyes behind a frame" and the video installation "Flutter". 

In 2015, she was still showing in London, for the Contini Gallery, one of the most famous in the English capital.
In April of the same year, she leaves for India in search of new stimuli and inspiration. Her journey was a success, both as an artistic and a human experience. 
Still in 2015, she continued her artistic research with the "Third Eye" project in which she aimed to seek out and catalogue the eyes of the artists that she considered the most inspiring. Participants in the project included artists of the calibre of: Al di Meola, Mimmo Jodice,  Alfonso Artiaco, Nino Longobardi, Gary Baseman, Antonio Biasiucci, Carlo Ambrosini, Giovanni Gastel, Rocco Barocco, Dino Morra, Ernesto Esposito, Eugenio Viola, Regina Schrecker, Jabe Oob Vincent , Mariangela Levita, Paul Wiedmar, Riccardo Murelli, Rosalia Porcaro, Sergio Vega, Umberto di Marino, Vincenzo Rusciano, Lisa Redman, Walter Picardi, Davide Ferraris, Massimo Minini, Angelo Stantonicola, Barry Martin, David Barrie, Enzo Zirilli, Gianni Caravaggio, Omar Viktor Diop, Omar Hassan, Pierre Cornette de Saint-Cyr, Valeria Corvino, Enzo Fiore, Roxy in the Box, Sergio Arcuri, Danilo Bucella, Iabo, Fabienne Rea, Fabio Scarpati, Luca Pozzi, Massimo Ballatore, Salvino Campos, Gerald McCauley, Giampaolo Abbondio, Federico Luger and many others.